Building my 100W solar panel system shelter (with tarp dryer)

Solar system parts list:

  1. A 100W Monocrystalline solar panel. I purchased mine from Amazon. At the time of writing, the price for this was $114 with free shipping.
  2. A 20A MPPT Solar charge controller with extra LCD display. Price for this was $128 from Amazon with free shipping at the time of writing.
  3. A 12V 500W Power inverter. Cost $30 from Amazon
  4. A 10′ 10AWG PV outdoor extension cable with MC4 connectors – one end has a female MC4 connector and the other end has a male MC4 connector. Instead of 2 pieces of 5′ cables, I bought this from Temco @ Ebay for $9, and cut the cable in half. Buying just the connectors would have cost $10, and I’ll have to crimp my own connectors to the cables. *Smart shopper*
  5. 12V 18Ah deep cycle lead-acid battery. This costs $34 from Ebay.
  6. 2 12″X10″X6″ fiberglass enclosures from Ebay; $16.20 each including shipping. Used, but totally worth the price considering a brand new box half this size costs at least $50. One to hold the charge controller and power inverter, the other to hold the battery.
  7. Salvaged 10AWG and 12AWG power cables – one for battery pack and the latter for power inverter.
  8. Salvaged pinewood for solar panel roof stands.


  1. Safety shield/goggles
  2. Gloves
  3. Exterior wood screws
  4. Power drill with Philip screw and drill bits

Exhausted, but satisfied, after 4 hours of setting up my first ever solar panel in my backyard. Spent an hour yesterday building the stands for the catch pan that Gary made for the duck house, repurposing it as my solar panel roof. I know, the stands look a little too thin, but they too, were repurposed from Gary’s tomato planters.

My panel is facing South and the tilt is adjustable! Plenty of room for expansion, if I want to… the next is to power my duckcam and using this system. Then, it’ll be on to building an automatic door opener for the ducks powered by this system, too!

Safety is no accident!
Solar system shelter
It’s alive!
1st fiberglass enclosure
2nd fiberglass enclosure

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